About Us

We are happy to see you on the About Us page. As you are surfing this page for knowing about the MuzEnt.com but before that I want you to clear that MuzEnt is not just a site where you can get news about music, entertainment or about fashion but its a Hub for promotion of under ground artists. Now you can read all thing about us.

Idea of MuzEnt:

One day I was doing using facebook while idea of muzent came in  mind. I thought that I should create a site which cover the both major topics of industry which is Music and Entertainment.

After that I was worried for choosing the name of site, then I chooses the first three starting letter of the both words which would cover the topics of site. Besides this I wanted to promote the underground artists who have real talent but none knows them.

Our Passion:

All other sites have few or more mission but we don’t have any mission but we have the passion to provide you the quality content about Music and Entertainment. Did I mention that we will promote the real artists? Yeah we will provide a platform to all those artists who have Art but they are unable to show their arts to world.


If I talk about the team then till now I am the single person who is working for the muzent. But in future when muzent will get with help of Allah then MuzEnt will have a team.

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