Easy Home Workout Routine for Beginners

Today we are sharing Home Workout Routine for Beginners tutorial by Anzhelika Tahir, in which You will learn, home workout plan for beginners, home workout for abs, and best exercises at home.

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Easy Home Workout Routine for Beginners

Home Workout Program by Anzhelika Tahir

Home Workout Program by Anzhelika Tahir
Miss Pakistan Anzhelika Tahir

Now here we are sharing the home workout videos but before that we would like you to read the below instruction before joining the home workout program by miss Pakistan, Anzhelika Tahir.

My daily sport routine

Recently I’ve got lots of messages where you’ve asked me to where more exercises that I do. Save this post so you won’t miss it! This is a full body train and at the end I’ve added 2 crazy abs killing exercises 🔥🔥

To be honest, I’ve started to be really persistent with exercising and clean eating around 2,5-3 months ago. During this time My body had changed incredibly. I got visible abs (which was not there before), hands and legs are more shaped. During the quarantine i kept training at home. Couldn’t find any dumbbells bc everything was sold out, I only have a pair of dumbbells 5 kg each and ankle weights 1,5 kg. That’s more than enough for home exercises. If I need smaller weights I take laundry liquids 2 L each.

I love tabata (aka CrossFit) type of trainings, where you do exercises with short time intervals. The whole train takes around 30 min.

I recommend you to download app “tabata timer” ⏱ and set the timer this way (everything is counted in seconds): prepare 10, work 30, rest 10, cycles 8, sets 3, rest between sets 120. This way the whole workout will take only 19:40 min.

Also add 3-5 min warming up before the trading and the same time at the end for cooling down.

Now You can watch home workout videos in below media player.

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