Anoushay Abbasi dazzles in her new photoshoot

Renowned actress and model Anoushay Abbasi is a sight to see in her latest photoshoot for the recently launched Bohemian pret brand, Nuqsh. The actress brings out the unique and bespoke essence of the brand with perfection in all the different looks.

Anoushay Abbasi dazzles in her new photoshoot

Dressed in minimalistic designs and solid colors, she looks ethereal in the trendy desi outfits. With the dark lilac makeup look by Waqar Hussain and Mahwish Rizvi from Monochrome studios behind the lens, Anoushay Abbasi looks alluring and pulls off all the looks with perfection.

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Known for her charisma and innate ability to perform any character flawlessly, Abbasi has made her place in the entertainment industry. Her massive transformation throughout the years is both impressive and genuine. She is also currently garnering appreciation for her performance in ‘Ghalti’ that airs every Thursday on ARY Digital.

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